How To Deal With Anxiety: A Cheap Alternative.

Unfortunately, mental illness appears to be on the rise throughout the globe. More and more people are suffering from anxiety, a disease that for some has crippling consequences. When looking at how to deal with anxiety, visiting a professional therapist is often recommended. However, often this comes at a high cost, meaning for many it is often simply impossible. A lack of money should not mean that a person should have to suffer from this debilitating illness.

Here, we present five techniques to help manage anxiety

Be good to yourself

erdfcvbgSuffering from anxiety can be exhausting for both your mind and body. For many, the constant racing thoughts and physical symptoms of anxiety can lead to high levels of stress, making the simple daily task seem grueling. With stress being one of the triggers of anxiety, it is important to work on combatting this. Whether it’s taking a long hot bath or watching a film, it is important to build in time for relaxation. For many, this may appear a hard task due to the feelings of guilt about not being productive. However, in reality, the counter opposite is true. Relaxation is, in fact, beneficial; it is something every human needs to reach their full productivity level in the future.

Be good to your body

Healthy body, healthy mind is a well-known saying. About anxiety, this is not to say that those who suffer are physically unhealthy. Rather, what should be taken from this is the fact that actions related to physical health can improve the symptoms of anxiety greatly. Many studies have shown that in some cases, exercise can be as effective as medication in combating anxiety. As physical activity causes endorphins to be released, it is thought that overall happiness increases and stress decreases. It is said that as little as five minutes of aerobic exercise can help counter the feelings and physical tension related to anxiety.

Recognize the triggers

Anxiety is a very personal illness. For some, speaking in public may cause anxiety while for others simply waiting in a supermarket queue may bring on the symptoms. However, certain things are thought of as universal triggers for anxiety. Firstly, the substances you put inside your body can aid the increase of anxiety. For sufferers, it is a good idea to cut down on both coffee and alcohol as both of these are known to increase anxiety levels. Secondly, it is important always to maintain good levels of hydration. Keeping hydrated allows for good brain functioning, limiting the feelings of anxiety. Lastly, always make sure you get a good night’s sleep. A full night’s sleep allows for the body to replenish and feel refreshed, again combating the likelihood of anxious thoughts.

Talk to people

rfctvdvgbhAnxiety can feel like a very lonely illness. Many believe that they will simply appear foolish and irrational if discussing their anxious thoughts with others. This can lead to people bottling up their feelings inside, which in turn can make the anxiety worse and lead to depressive thoughts. However, it is important to realize that often this feeling of irrationality is, in fact, a symptom of the anxiety itself. Speaking to people about your condition is an excellent way of helping combat it. Speaking to a close friend or family member can often make it feel like a load has been taken off your shoulders, making anxiety levels drop. For many, however, this may simply be too hard. In this instance, it is often recommended to use other sources of contact. For example, there are numerous online forums which act as support networks, allowing people to speak and gain support anonymously about their problems.