Shoe insoles are like the heart of the shoe compartment. It is located inside of the shoe that runs underneath and supports the bottom of the foot. The comfortability of the shoes is 90% depends on the shoe insoles. On average, 40% of people choose shoes to depend on the appearance, and 60% of people choose based on the comfortability. Hence, the issue of types of shoe insoles is something that we should not take lightly since it plays a major role in people preference.

Types of shoes

rfvgbhzxShoes are divided into several categories which are for fashion, sport and casual. Different types of shoe category have a different design of shoe insoles. For fashion, the shoe insoles are likely to be simpler since it is normally used in certain important ceremonies. For casual purpose, the shoe insoles might seem to be more complex regarding the design and level of comfortability since some people apply these types of shoes quite frequent in their daily activities. For example, people who used to walk every day with casual shoes will need better comfortability to walk or even do some running. However, for sports shoes, the comfortability of the shoe insoles are somewhat people will look for. The design itself must take into consideration of the absorbent, the thickness of the insole and firmer support in which it takes the most serious task for a designer to create sport’s shoe insoles.

Shoes maintenance

rfgvbhretnSince shoe insoles are important, how shall we maintain it to be more long lasting? Well, since shoe insoles are exposed to various conditions such as vibration, high-stepping impact, and even sometimes wet condition, the maintenance tips should be applied at least once a month depends on the frequency of usage. First of all, we might need to wash them out once it stained. It is better to be washed by hand with mild detergent since the foam is quite soft. After using the shoes, let the shoes be dried in a sunny area to remove moisture trapped between the insoles. This is not only to maintain the shoe insoles, but it helps to remove unadorable smell that might happen if it is left undried. Finally, if the shoe insoles show sign of deterioration, it is time to replace it with a new one. This can be seen with the thinning of the insoles thickness and sometimes when we feel our shoes do not comfort our feet anymore.